WP Grid Server Stack is incredibly performant and ready for whatever you can throw at it.
Your websites are protected from future attacks with daily scans, automatic cleanup and website firewalls.
Premium Global CDN, Unlimited Optimization.


Fastest WordPress Stack

Every layer of WP Grid has been built with performance in mind. We’ll fine tune this even further to keep your WordPress website lightening fast under heavy load.

Hosting Stack & Cahing

WP Grid runs on a state of the art LEMP7 stack featuring MySQL 8 + Percona, Nginx level server caching, and Redis object caching.

Malware Scanning

Automated malware + vulnerability detection. Automatic malware cleanup, even for sites that are already infected.

CDN, Image Optimization

Premium global CDN with unlimited bandwidth. Local & Cloud image compression with unlimited monthly credits.

WP Grid Managed WordPress

WP Grid Managed WordPress

Crush Your Hosting problems, once and for all. Ultra Secure Websites - No Expensive Security Plugins Required! Managed WordPress Hosting. We Take Care of your Web Site Performance & Security.
Powered by GridPane and Protected by Managed WordPress Hosting at its best.
Premium Golbal CDN powered by Bunny CDN & GCP. Local and CDN based image compression.

Dedicated VPS

All of our plans are hosted on dedicated VPS. For all plans, we recommend 2 sites per VPS for optimum performance. We don't restrict the number of web sites.

A+ SSL Rating

Our SSL certificates get an A+ rating from SSL Labs and SSL certificates are renewed automatically. Free add-on and enabled by default.

Staging Site

Easily provision staging sites and push changes to live site within your WordPress admin area. Use WP Grid Time Machine Plugin to manage the staging.

Multiple Firewalls

We’ll lock down every aspect of your site that needs it, and bots with bad intentions will be stopped in their tracks before they even reach your server.

DDOS Protection

Denial of service attacks are automatically mitigated, and we’ll work to identify the source while keeping the site active and available

Defend your websites against attacks and malware by detecting and fixing vulnerabilities. VirusDie,com subscription enabled for all sites.

Automagically Back Up

Any change in your website's files or DB will trigger a backup. No more backups to remember or schedules to create. It happens automagically!

CDN & Image Optimization

Premium Global CDN with more than 200 POPs powered by BunnyCDN & GCP. Image compression plugin with unlited monthly credits.

Everything You Need For WordPress to Take Off


Normaly $ 15 Per Month Virusdie subscription, included with all plans as Free add-on. Protect your websites from future attacks with daily scans, automatic cleanup and a website firewall. No plugins to be installed.


Higher end plans are hosted on dedicated VPS per client. For all plans, we recommend 1 site per VPS but we don't restrict you from hosting more web sites. Hosted in Indian Data Centers.


We are using GridPane stack for our WordPress hsoting and this is the Fastest WordPress stack in the market. Lightning Fast Performance Without the High-End Price Tag.


UpdateSafely works by cloning your live production site to a canary site, then it runs any available WordPress updates (core, theme, and plugin) on this canary site. Once the updates have completed, it will then run a sophisticated visual comparison of your live site and the newly updated canary site.


Migrating to us from another hosting? Don't worry we will take care of the migration. We will move your site to a staging site, verify the site's functionality. Once verified, site will be cloned as Live site.


Whether hosting your own ecommerce store or offering ecommerce specific hosting services, our platform is fine tuned for blazing fast performance. Redis / FastCGi page level caching. Redis Object cahing combined with WP Rocket.


We do WordPress hosting and Only WordPress. Eight out of ten websites run up to 400 percent faster on our servers. Migrate your website to us – for free and without obligations – and let us show you the difference with a performance test


WordPress Staging with a single click

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Automatic & manual WP backups

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Unlimited Traffic Premium CDN.

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Free Image Compression.

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